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Vocational Qualification in Business Management

Tampereen seudun ammattiopisto | Tredu
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Vocational Qualification in Business Management

Business skills are needed in all sectors of the working life. The Vocational Qualification in Business provides broad basic skills for Customer service, Sales and Marketing communications in international context. Graduates have a wide range of professional skills centered around business, including entrepreneurship, project management and event production. Tredu provides various learning environments for organizing events and start-up spaces for young entrepreneurs to learn by doing. International exchanges and on-the-job learning periods abroad are an optional part of the study program.

Business graduates are qualified to work in various business-related jobs such as customer service, sales and marketing communications and in event production in international environments. They can also be entrepreneurs.

Content of education

Business studies in English,in the multicultural environment, will prepare you for the international tasks in labor market or contribute to the higher education studies. The first year focuses on gaining skills needed in the business field, by completing the three compulsory units: Customer servide, Productive operation, and Acting in a work community. Based on your choice, you can then acquire more competence, for example, in customer service, sales and service design, working in a project and event production and marketing communications and content production.

Expose yourself to job opportunities and build future contactsby taking part in international student exchanges, projects and tutoring. There are many opportunities for you during the studies. The language studies include Finnish, Swedish, English and an additional foreign language.

It is possible to prepare for the national matriculation examination during the studiesand combine the general upper secondary education with this in five subjects (Finnish as a mother tongue, Swedish, Mathematics and English and additional theory or language subject). These studies are carried out mostly during daytime, the language of instruction is Finnish.

Admission requirements

  • Application period is 18.2. - 10.3.2020. Notice that the application form is available only during the application period!
  • Student intake: 25 places, maximum 5 from outside of EU
  • Entrace exam will be held on Tuesday 21st of April 2020 at Santalahdentie campus (Santalahdentie 10, Tampere)
  • Invitation to the entrance exams: All eligible applicants of EU with basic educationcertificate will be invited to the entrance exam by email. Applicants who already have graduated from high school cannot be taken into consideration.
  • Entrance exam is evaluated as followed: Communication skills and knowledge of languages English (and Finnish) 0-5 p. / interest in the study field 0-5 p.
  • Confirm attending the entrance exams by replying to the email
  • Note! In case you graduate from basic education in 2020, you also need to send a copy of your basic education certificate to Tredu Application office latest on 4th of June 2020
  • The results of student selection will be announced on 11th of June 2020.
  • The study place has to be accepted latest by 18th June 2020

Degree / diploma

Vocational Qualification in Business Management

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Tampereen seudun ammattiopisto | Tredu

Tampereen seudun ammattiopisto | Tredu

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Tampereen seudun ammattiopisto | Tredu

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